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Whether you have bad credit or no credit, we can get you approved! We have been offering the lowest interest rates to individuals. We can approve any loan in the same day! Our application form should only take about 15 minutes to complete.

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    Determine the loan amount as per your requirement envelop and avail instant loan of up to $9500

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    Instantaneous Paperless transactions and hassle free loan approval. Now there isn’t a need to sign a single paper!

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    Obtain your Car Title loan with the convenience of sitting at home.

Emergency Cash Loans

For People With Bad Credit !

Simply fill out our quick and easy application and you can be funded emergency cash in less than 24 hours against your car.

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Swift & Uncomplicated Loan Process

A quick online application can get you an instant approval of a loan upto $9500. An entirely paperless process which does not require documentation and signatures all over the form or any hefty paperwork at all! You get quick money with same day bank deposit. Reimbursement over the period makes it way too easy to fit your bill.

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Why Fastway Car Title Loan?

A car title loan, is a type of secured loan where borrowers can use their vehicle title as collateral and is a simple and easy way to cash access immediately. What’s more is that you get to keep your collateral with you and keep using it while you use the funds and subsequently repay it as per the terms of loan. Fastway loan just ascertains the equity in your vehicle and lend you a percentage of it.

The added advantage is that credit considerations are not a problem with the approvals of such loans. The only precondition is that the dues on the vehicles are duly paid off and we can lend you a car title loan upto $9500 or more against the value of your car.

We never keep your car with us. Obtain your Car Title loan with the convenience of sitting at home, secure your money and are free to drive off wherever you want to!

We offer the best rates in the market and what’s more, you can repay your loan as per your convenience and at any time without any imposition of pre-payment charges!

Best Car Title Loan Company in Canada

  • Quick process for loan approval
  • Obtain a loan amount of upto $9500
  • Get instantaneous approval
  • You get to keep your vehicle
  • Having a Job is not necessary
  • Flexible repayment option